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World Wellbeing Week - Promoting Wellness In The Construction Industry

26th June 2023


The UK construction industry can often feel like a demanding sector to work in, with many workers citing a strain on both physical and mental health. We are big believers that prioritising workplace wellbeing is essential for both employees and employers. With the arrival of World Wellbeing Week, there’s never been a better time to dive into the ways in which this important subject can be promoted.

Open Communication: Employers should encourage open communication channels to address concerns and suggestions. Constructive feedback and regular team meetings promote a supportive work environment. Implementation of anonymous feedback mechanisms and suggestion boxes is a great way to improve communication.

Prioritise Mental Health Support: Recognising and supporting mental health in the construction industry has been a hot topic in recent years. Raising awareness and provide access to resources such as counselling services whilst removing the stigma around seeking help is crucial, one particularly strong resource is the Light House Construction Charity which can be found here -

Provide Training and Development Opportunities: Investing in employee development to enhance job satisfaction is a good way to promote positive employee wellbeing. Training programs, workshops, and career progression opportunities all demonstrate a commitment to growth and enhancing wellbeing in the workplace.

Ensure Health and Safety Measures: Implement robust health and safety protocols to protect workers physical and mental wellbeing. Regular safety training, appropriate provision of PPE, and ongoing monitoring create a secure work environment.

Encourage Physical Wellbeing: Healthy body; healthy mind! Prioritise physical fitness among construction workers by providing access to fitness facilities or subsidised gym memberships. Organise health and wellness programs, including nutrition workshops and stress management techniques.

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