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Why The UK's Net Zero Target Is Creating Job Opportunities In The Construction Sector

03rd May 2023


The UK's push towards renewable energy is set to provide a significant boost to the civil construction sector over the coming years, driving growth and creating new job opportunities. This article explores how we believe these new targets will provide a plethora of work for job seekers in the sector.

The target of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 has led to ambitious targets for the deployment of renewable energy. This includes generating 40% of the nation’s electricity from renewable sources by 2030. To achieve these targets, a significant amount of new wind, solar, and other renewable energy projects will need to be constructed.

This presents a huge opportunity for the UK civil construction sector, with a need for skilled construction professionals, engineers, and workers. The construction of new wind farms, solar installations, and energy storage facilities will require a range of skills, including civil engineering, electrical engineering, and project management.

In addition to the construction of new infrastructure, there will be a need to retrofit existing buildings to improve energy efficiency. This work will involve upgrading insulation, installing new windows, and improving HVAC systems. Skilled professionals in the construction sector will be needed for this work, providing further job opportunities.

Alongside this, the decommissioning of existing fossil fuel infrastructure will also require specialised expertise in the civil construction sector. As the UK moves towards a more sustainable energy mix, there will be a need to shut down and dismantle existing coal-fired power plants, oil rigs, and other infrastructure.

The UK's push towards renewable energy presents a significant growth opportunity for the civil construction sector, with a need for skilled professionals in a range of roles. Construction professionals, engineers, and skilled workers can look forward to job opportunities in the construction of new renewable energy infrastructure, retrofitting existing buildings for energy efficiency, and decommissioning of existing fossil fuel infrastructure. We are actively supporting a number of clients who require personnel to complete projects in this sector with many more exciting roles in the pipeline.

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