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UK Construction Material Costs & Supply Chain - How Has Recruitment Been Affected?

02nd May 2023


As the UK construction industry continues to recover from supply chain disruptions and the increase in material costs, the sector is starting to experience shoots of growth, in turn, creating a range of fresh and exciting employment opportunities. We firmly believe the construction industry is poised for an exciting remainder of 2023, offering a wide range of job opportunities for UK construction job seekers.

The COVID-19 pandemic played a significant role in the increased material costs that the construction industry has faced over the past few years. However, with the easing of pandemic-related restrictions across mainland Europe, supply chains are well on the road to recovery. This enables construction companies to access the materials they need at a lower cost, improving profitability and leading to increased investment and the commencement of projects which had previously been paused.

The easing of supply chain disruptions is also resulting in faster project completion times, which is contributing to the industry's growth. Construction companies are now able to secure the necessary materials on time, leading to quicker project delivery, and creating a demand for skilled labour. This is good news for job seekers looking for employment opportunities.

We have also noted that the reduction of material costs and supply restrictions has begun to reflect in increased recruitment demands. With construction firms expanding and undertaking new projects, they are hiring more skilled labour to meet the demand. This is an excellent opportunity for those seeking construction jobs, with various roles in high demand, whether you are a project manager, engineer, electrician, plumber or a labourer – our team of expert consultants can help connect you with firms who would benefit from your skillset.

In conclusion, the UK construction industry is showing promising growth, with improved supply chains, quicker project completion times, increased investment, and employment opportunities. This is good news for job seekers looking for construction jobs in various roles across the industry. If you would like to discuss support from our experienced recruitment consultants as either a firm looking to recruitment reliable trades & labour staff, or a tradesperson looking for your next role, get in touch today - 0115 9003 171

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