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How The UK's Increasing Investment Into Public Infrastructure Is Leading To A High Quantity Surveyor Demand

11th May 2023


The United Kingdom has pledged a substantial increase to infrastructure investment over the coming years. The government is dedicated to investing £640 billion in infrastructure by 2050 to create a more modern, efficient, and sustainable network across a range of public sectors. This investment will support a wide range of projects such as constructing new roads, rail links, and airports, upgrading existing infrastructure, and developing renewable energy sources.

A notable example is the widely publicised construction of HS2, the high-speed rail link connecting London with northern cities, which is expected to create thousands of jobs in the coming years. Other major infrastructure projects include the expansion of Heathrow Airport, the development of new nuclear power stations, and upgrading the country's road network.

The increasing investment in infrastructure in the UK has also led to a significant rise in the demand for skilled professionals, one of which is quantity surveyors. A quantity surveyor plays a vital role in managing the costs of a construction project, from the initial planning stages to completion. This includes estimating the costs of materials and labour, preparing budgets and financial reports, and negotiating with contractors and suppliers.

The demand for quantity surveyors has increased significantly as infrastructure investment in the UK has grown. However, the UK is currently experiencing a shortage of skilled and experienced professionals in this field. There has been a lack of investment in training and development for quantity surveyors in recent years which has contributed to the notable shortage of skilled and capable individuals.

As a result the demand for quantity surveyors has sky rocketed with firms having to become increasingly competitive to attract and retain the best talent. Here at Approach Personnel, we specialise in representing some of the most experienced and qualified Quantity Surveyors in the UK, connecting them with construction firms who require their expertise for crucial projects. If you would like to speak with our expert team about either hiring a Quantity Surveyor, or you are a Quantity Surveyor who is looking to be placed in an exciting new role, get in touch with our Recruitment Consultant Simon today - 07398 456163

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