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Utilising Our 'Trial Start' To Ensure Suitable Trades & Labour Staff

29th January 2024


Finding reliable, competent, and suitable staff is a crucial component of project success. Our 'trial start' option, gives you a chance to evaluate new recruits on site during a trial on their first day, creating an opportunity to assess their skills and fit, with no obligation to pay a penny if for any reason they don’t fit the bill. Here are a list of the reasons this is such an attractive hiring option for your company.

1. Practical Skill Verification

The nature of construction work requires skills that are best assessed in a hands-on environment. Through a trial start, employers can directly observe candidates performing tasks and skills on-site, ensuring their skills are in line with the specific job requirements.

2. Evaluating Site Adaptability

Adaptability to new construction sites is a crucial trait in the industry. A trial start provides a window for a candidate to demonstrate how well they can adjust to a new construction environment, adhere to safety standards, and fit in with the team. This on-site assessment is key in construction staffing, as it significantly impacts project efficiency, cohesion and safety.

3. Worker Satisfaction

From a staff perspective, experiencing the actual work environment through a trial start can be an insightful opportunity to assess their own fit with the project in question. This offers a realistic preview of the job, avoiding any surprises down the line and ensures a more cohesive working relationship and likelihood of a good match for the team.

4. Feedback and Improvement in Hiring Practices

From our perspective, immediate feedback through a trial start is beneficial for continuous improvement in the staffing service we’re providing. If for any reason a candidate we send to site isn’t suitable, it allows us to replace them quickly and efficiently for you free of charge, while effectively amending the remit for future recruits too.

If you would like to utilise our trial start offering, we are always happy to discuss supplying candidates for contractors across all sectors of the UK construction industry. Give us a call today to speak to one of our experienced consultants and we will have reliable, quality checked trades & labour staff on site as soon as they are required - 0115 900 3171

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