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The Importance of UK Gangmaster & Labour Abuse Authority

06th November 2023


The UK Gangmaster & Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) plays a key role in safeguarding and promoting ethical standards within the labour market. As proud holders of a GLAA license here at Approach Personnel, we firmly believe companies should not only support, but actively engage with the GLAA to ensure fair treatment, eradicate exploitation, and work towards a transparent, responsible workforce.

Combatting Exploitation and Labour Abuse

The GLAA was established to combat labour exploitation and human trafficking within various industries, particularly focusing on agriculture, horticulture, and the food processing sectors. By committing to a membership and supporting the GLAA's efforts, companies signal their commitment to eradicating unethical labour practices. This demonstrates a collective stance against worker exploitation, ensuring that all employees are treated fairly, paid adequately, and provided with safe working conditions.

Legal Compliance and Accountability

Becoming a member of the GLAA involves adhering to strict regulations and compliance with labour laws. This membership serves as a benchmark for maintaining legal accountability. By actively engaging with the GLAA, companies commit to upholding higher standards, ensuring that they're not only abiding by the law but going above and beyond to support a just and equitable work environment.

Encouraging Responsible Culture

Companies that actively support the GLAA benefit from the development of a culture of responsibility within their business. Through the implementation of ethical practices, they set a precedent for employees, suppliers, and partners. This shared commitment trickles down through the company, promoting a work environment built on integrity and respect for human rights.

Contributing to a Greater Cause

Engagement with the GLAA isn't just about meeting legal requirements; it's about contributing to a broader societal cause. By supporting the GLAA, companies actively participate in the larger effort to eliminate exploitation, human trafficking, and unfair labour practices. This aligns with the global sustainability agenda, positioning the company as a responsible corporate citizen.

We are long-standing supporters of ethical recruitment here at Approach Personnel. Our GLAA membership symbolises our commitment to ensuring fair and equal representation, the fight against human trafficking and eradication of exploitation. If you would like to work with a people conscious recruitment firm to support with your hiring processes, get in touch today:

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