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Exploring The Hottest Opportunities For UK Engineers In 2024

09th January 2024


With construction project starts reportedly down 20% year-on-year in 2023, forecasts point towards a recovery in 2024 as inflation subsides and interest rates appear likely to start returning to pre-2020 levels. In this blog we touch on where Structural & Civil Engineers will find the best opportunities in 2024.

RAAC Remedial Work

The public sector is continuing its widespread audit of its assets and no doubt we’ll see more instances of RAAC being found across its estates. The private sector, where historic building information and records are inconsistent is more of a challenge. Landlords and owners should be advised to commission a survey and consult accredited professionals if they suspect RAAC’s presence in a building.

We believe a general reappraisal of materials won’t stop here, particularly as more renovation and retrofit projects come online. The thorny topic of asbestos has also once again reared its head and will likely attract more attention throughout 2024.

Brownfield Development

As urban space becomes something of a premium, and the desire to protect the Greenbelt shows no signs of diminishing, planners and developers are doubling down on the large swathes of brownfield which exist across our towns and cities. Often centrally located, near existing infrastructure and amenities, they present a great opportunity to help kick-start a new age of housebuilding.

Again, these are projects where civil and structural engineers can play a high-value role, helping to investigate, decontaminate and prepare sites for construction and achieve safe, strong and secure buildings. With brownfield development rising in popularity over the past decade, and planning laws and restrictions starting to ease, firms should keep their eyes open in 2024 to see how the pipeline starts to fill.


With climate change a persistent and ever growing concern, structural and civil engineers will be in greater demand than ever to help futureproof the built environment from more erratic weather conditions. Following a decade marked by increased instances of flash flooding, building new and upgrading existing defences will be an essential consideration in the years to come. This doesn’t only encompass large-scale barriers, swales and run-offs but also more subtle solutions such as SuDS and smart attenuation.

Engineers may also be called upon for their material expertise, helping to reinforce and protect structures as part of an adaptation scheme, preparing them for hotter drier summers and cooler, wetter winters. Of course, this would need to be achieved in as sustainable a way as possible to dovetail with wider societal net zero goals.

Skills Shortages

Finally, the Engineering space continues to face an acute skills shortage, with the talent pool shrinking year-on-year. Skilled Engineers need to come together to address the growing shortfall in young people coming into the profession. It is crucial that this career path is promoted as an exciting, fulfilling, and lucrative option for young people so as to meet the construction sectors growing demands.

Approach Personnel have a dedicated White Collar Division, helping connect Engineers with top-tier construction firms who are in need of their expertise. If you would like to speak to a member of our team about opportunities in 2024, we would love to hear from you. Email us with your CV and a we will be happy to advise you –

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