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Growing Trend In the UK Construction Sector - Modular Builds

19th June 2023


A key trend we have identified gaining momentum over the past 12-24 months is the popularisation of modular construction in the UK. Modular construction involves assembling building components, known as modules, in a controlled factory environment before transporting them to the construction site for installation. This off-site fabrication enables concurrent work on the building's foundation, resulting in faster project completion.

As recruitment specialists it is our job to stay on top of these trends and spot the job opportunities which are created as a result, here are our key takeaways…

Manufacturing and Assembly: The surge in modular construction calls for increased production capacity, creating job opportunities in module manufacturing and assembly. Skilled workers are needed for module construction, machinery operation, and quality assurance.

Design and Engineering: Specialised design and engineering expertise is essential for creating seamless modular building systems. Architects, engineers, and designers will play a crucial role in optimising module designs, ensuring structural integrity, and accommodating customisation requirements.

Logistics and Transportation: Efficient logistics professionals are necessary for transporting and installing modules at the construction site. Job roles such as logistics coordinators, transport managers, and crane operators are vital for managing module delivery and installation.

On-site Construction: While modules are constructed off-site, on-site construction workers remain crucial for preparing the foundation, assembling modules, and connecting utilities. Skilled tradespeople, including carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and HVAC technicians, will find abundant employment opportunities and as always we will be on hand to help place you in the right roles!

Project Management and Supervision: The adoption of modular construction methods emphasises the need for competent project managers and supervisors. Their expertise in overseeing off-site manufacturing, coordinating logistics, and ensuring efficient on-site assembly will be in high demand.

The streamlined processes and economies of scale in modular construction leads to cost savings, allowing for more projects to be undertaken within the same budget. The accelerated project timelines and enhanced productivity associated with modular construction will ultimately result in a higher output for the construction industry, meeting the growing demand for infrastructure development in the UK and creating a wide range of job opportunities!

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