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Cost Effective Recruitment - Engaging With An Agency

14th November 2023


Engaging with a recruitment agency to support with staffing can not only streamline your hiring process but also deliver significant cost-saving benefits. In this blog, we'll explore how businesses in the construction and industrial sectors can gain a competitive edge by partnering with recruitment agencies.

Avoiding Project Delays: With project completion targets on the horizon, nothing will slow progress or risk deadlines not being met more so than a lack of reliable staff. When these dates aren’t adhered to, costs can spiral out of control, making the support of agency trades & labour staff from the offset an invaluable asset.

Supplementing Additional Staffing: Working with an agency gives business the flexibility to take on contract or temporary staff, as and when their project calendar demands it. Rather than incurring the costs of a full-time work force, businesses can increase staff levels for busy periods of the year and decrease them through quiet periods.

Cost-Efficient Candidate Sourcing: Rather than paying costly job board fees, recruitment agencies will grant you access to their extensive network of candidates who will be quality checked and come with great references from previous assignments. This saves internal management teams countless hours of time sifting through applications, fast tracking the best candidates to site as quickly as possible.

Local Candidate Sourcing: Many construction firms work on nationwide projects and as a result, staff will often be asked to work away from home and stay in accommodation, incurring additional costs. Working with a recruitment agency who have access to talent pools around the country can mitigate these expenses, tapping into local trades and labour staff who are available even at short notice.

Diverse Talent Pools: Diversity and inclusion are vital in the modern workplace. Construction in particular has come under scrutiny recently for its lack of both of these aspects and many businesses are working hard to rectify the issue. Recruitment agencies actively cultivate diverse talent pools, ensuring access to candidates from various backgrounds. This enhances overall team strength, fostering innovation and effective problem-solving.

Negotiation Expertise for Competitive Compensation: In industries with high demand for specialised skills, negotiation is an art. In the construction and industrial sectors, with labour shortages a prominent feature over recent years, wages have inflated and many firms have found themselves struggling to reach realistic payment terms. Recruitment agencies provide negotiation expertise, assisting businesses in securing top talent at competitive compensation rates. This directly contributes to cost savings and long-term employee satisfaction.

With over 16 years experience supporting many of the leading construction and industrial businesses in the UK with staffing both on a temp/contract and perm basis, we can help cost saving with staffing in all the forms mentioned above. If you would like to discuss how we can help you, feel free to get in touch today -

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