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Artificial Intelligence In The Construction Industry

08th August 2023


A recent survey conducted by the Association for Project Management (APM) suggested that areas such as decision-making, cyber security, and reporting were cited as positive impacts AI is expected to have in the construction industry

Over 900 project professionals working across industry sectors were studied by APM. These included construction, engineering, and transport. The poll was carried out with assistance from Censuswide.

Only 8% of participants in the study thought AI in the construction industry would bring negative effects.

22% of participants thought AI’s impact would be neither positive nor negative.

The most prevalent anticipated benefits of AI within their sector include aiding in decision-making, reinforcing cybersecurity, generating more consistent and timely reports, and releasing construction project professionals to concentrate on more strategic facets of their responsibilities.

“Our latest survey shows project professionals in construction and other sectors are embracing AI and the impacts it is having,” said Adam Boddison, chief executive of APM.

“This is encouraging to see, but the implementation of new technology means project professionals will need to adapt and keep themselves updated with the rapid advancements we are seeing and adjust their skills accordingly to stay abreast of the change,” he continued.

Respondents who expressed concerns about AI cited issues surrounding disruptions during the adoption of new systems as a key issue. They also mentioned lower budgets due to the costs of installing and upkeeping AI systems and the possibility of job layoffs.

The researchers also studied the extent to which AI is already being used in the construction industry. Almost a third of construction professionals said their organisation is already using AI in projects. 43% of participants said their organisation has plans to use AI in the near future.

Only 24% of construction professionals said their organisation does not use AI and is not planning to use it.

How do you anticipate Artificial Intelligence affecting your role in the future?

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