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54% of Construction Project Managers Are Now Fully Remote

19th October 2023


A recent survey from the Association for Project Management (APM) has found that the construction industry has the highest percentage of project managers working fully remotely among all sectors.

54% of project managers in the construction sector are currently working entirely remotely. This figure has increased significantly since October 2021, when it was at 16%.

This means the number of project managers working remotely has more than tripled since the end of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many other sectors, including retail and education, have lower percentages of fully remote project managers, with figures under 40%.

Working from home in construction

Construction Project Managers typically oversee project planning and execution, with a strong focus on meeting deadlines and budgets. They also handle logistical arrangements, delegate tasks, collaborate with architects, and engage with clients and stakeholders.

“It might be slightly surprising for some people to hear that the construction industry has the highest proportion of fully remote project managers than any other sector, according to our latest research,” commented Professor Adam Boddison OBE, chief executive of APM.

“A healthy work-life balance is paramount to employee wellbeing and can bring plenty of benefits to employers too. The construction industry should not approach our modern lives any differently, and it is pleasing to hear the vast majority of project managers are happy with their current working lives,” he continued.

16% of project managers reported being in the office or on-site full-time. This is lower compared to sectors such as aerospace and defence (36%) and technology (27%). Several other sectors, such as manufacturing, telecoms, and transport, had even fewer project managers working in the office or on-site full-time, with percentages under 20%.

Construction project managers have high levels of satisfaction

The remaining 30% of construction project managers identified themselves as hybrid workers, meaning they combine office/on-site work with remote work. The survey revealed that the majority (88%) of construction project managers are satisfied with their current work arrangements, which is above the survey’s average satisfaction rate of 82%.

Only a small portion (7%) expressed dissatisfaction, and those who were unhappy expressed a preference for a hybrid working model that includes more office or on-site days.

“We note the small yet significant sample of unhappy project managers in construction who have expressed a keen desire to see more colleagues in the office and on-site on a regular basis,” said Professor Boddison.

“We fully recognise the tough challenges employers face in balancing attractive, flexible policies with ensuring projects are delivered efficiently on time and to budget. Ultimately, flexible and hybrid work is here to stay for everyone, and we will continue to provide the latest support and guidance,” he concluded.

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