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2024-28 Construction Industry Report Reveals 250,000 Additional Workers Required

21st May 2024


The Construction Industry Training Board’s annual industry forecast has highlighted the need for extra construction workers to keep up with the rising demand.

CITB’s Construction Skills Network 2024-28 report has revealed that the UK’s construction output rose by 2% in 2023, the third consecutive year of growth.

This rate will continue to rise by an average of 2.4% a year between now and 2028.

To meet this surge in demand, the UK will require more than 251,500 additional construction workers over the next five years.

This will lead to a significant growth in construction employment, projected to reach 2.75 million by 2028.

The major opportunities are in private housing, infrastructure, and repair and maintenance.

Almost a third of construction employers find identifying skilled staff a challenge

Despite the industry recruiting approximately 200,000 people each year, an average of 38,000 vacancies were advertised per month in 2023.

For 31% of construction employers, finding skilled workers remains a challenge due to the increasing number of older workers retiring and not being replaced.

Although the construction industry welcomed 200,000 new workers, it lost 210,000.

How to recruit extra construction workers

CITB’s forecast highlights that extra construction workers to fill demand should be sourced through effective recruitment and training to replace those leaving.

The industry should also take advantage of key opportunities such as productivity improvements and meeting net zero retrofit targets.

CITB has invested £276m to make the construction industry an attractive career choice

The investment will help the construction industry recruit extra workers by improving diversity, quality, and productivity.

Among the areas this investment will support are three expanded initiatives to meet growing demand. These are:

  • New Entrant Support Team to help employers navigate the recruitment process
  • Industry Impact Fund to make funding available for employers to test new recruitment solutions
  • Employer Network across Great Britain to allow local employers to set their own funding priorities to meet area-specific skills needs.

Tim Balcon, CITB chief executive, said: “The UK construction industry will continue to grow, but needs more people in the workforce with the right skills.

“There has always been a demand for workers, and CITB’s CSN report drives home how many are leaving the sector compared to those joining, and the opportunities for employers to address this challenge by recruiting and developing a skilled, competent, and diverse workforce that is able to meet current and future needs.”

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