What to look for in a Permanent Recruitment Specialist


As an organisation dedicated to recruitment, we’re focussed on placing the right candidate in the right role across a variety of sectors, often with a quick turnaround. Whilst we have talented consultants dedicated to temporary and contract recruitment, we also have a team of permanent recruitment specialists who focus solely on resourcing long-term opportunities.  

We sat down with Joseph, Neesha and Andy, each talented recruiters with a variety of experience, to explain the ins and outs of Permanent Recruitment.

What is the process of finding and placing an individual for a role?

While each day and each person is different, the process of finding and placing an individual for a role follows a similar pattern. As Andy explains: “It’s all about the full 360-degree process. Firstly, you need to understand the requirement fully. The best way of doing this is meeting with the customer to run through the brief, ideally visiting the place where the successful candidate will be working. Then it all becomes around talent attraction.”

At this point in the process, a recruiters’ experience works in their favour picking up techniques and a reputation as Greg Hills, a client, stated: “Neesha is a great recruitment consultant and an asset to both hirers and candidates.” Knowing the role allows the recruiters to search through their extensive industry network, to find the most suitable candidates. They will conduct their own round of interviews and assessments to pre-qualify an individual, making sure they only recommend the most capable for the position.

Not only does this streamline the process for a client, but it also gives the candidate a consistent intermediary who can keep them up to date. Nicola MacLeon, a Design Manager placed by Joseph, said that the regular communication took the stress out of interviewing: “Joseph assisted me in finding my current role and made the whole recruitment process pain-free from start to finish.”

If they’ve done their job right, the candidate is offered a job perfectly suited for them, and their client has their ideal hire following a smooth streamlined hiring process.

Building a Relationship

For most people, changing jobs is not only a huge upheaval but also nerve-wracking and unsettling. The relationship between a recruiter and the candidate is one that treads the line between cheerleader, spokesman and coach. So how do our people recommend building that relationship?

Andy says: “Ideally face to face. You need to understand their motives and drive. Once you have taken the time to understand what they are looking for, trust develops. It’s about being a ‘career coach’ not just being in it for the short term.”

As a candidate, you’re trusting the knowledge and expertise of your recruiter. Dan Dixon, Group SHEQ Manager explained: “[Andy’s] expertise in the recruitment process was excellent and he gave me all the right advice to ensure I was fully prepared for each stage of the interview process and beyond.”

Building that rapport will yield better results for both the candidate and the client, who ultimately both win when the permanent recruiter does their job properly.

The skills to do the job

Our recruiters have all worked in Permanent recruitment for 10+ years. With that longevity, which skills do they think you need to succeed?

  • Excellent communication
  • Honesty
  • Tenacity

For both the candidate and the consultant, the skills needed are very similar. As Christopher Tutin, Head of Commercial, confirms: “Joseph understands the needs of our business and always delivers on our requirements. I have consistently found him to be reliable and discreet.” Likewise as a candidate, Ita Udosen, Business Analyst found: “Through the process [Andy] knew his stuff, was 100% genuine and was constantly in contact with useful updates.”

A Permanent Recruitment Specialist is a fundamental part of the recruitment process and for our team at Approach Personnel, it’s a rewarding career that allows them to see the fruits of their labour from both sides of the process.