Sally Davies hits five years at Approach Personnel


Sally Davies recently hit her five-year anniversary of joining Approach Personnel. In her time here she's seen the company grow and move office locations. Throughout her time with the company, Sally has maintained her sense of humor and continues to bring energy to the office every day. Here are some of her career highlights from the last five years. 

How did you arrive at Approach Personnel?

Today? By car!! 5 years ago I was a taking a mini break contemplating what change of industry to head to after a decade or two working in recruitment.  After dropping my CV onto some job sites Alan invited me in for a chat and within 30 mins I found myself working back in the industry in a very different role, initially on a temporary basis.

What do you like about Approach Personnel?

I have always found both Alan and Adam are extremely supportive and that they clearly like people, wanting everyone that walks into the business to thrive and realise their potential to succeed within the company.  I feel that I have always been appreciated and valued which is great and despite everything, they are really nothing like Ant and Dec!  At the end of the day, I still have a sense of humour, warped as it may be to some.

What have you learned since you joined the team?

Since joining I feel I am a better team player and have far more patience and appreciation of fellow colleagues’ needs than in my working life before.

How have things changed over the last five years?

We have grown, moved premises, improved systems/training and have multiple TV screens larger than my house!

What’s a funny story about your time here that you’d like to share?

[One time I] fell over my desk landing on my derrière with such a crash bang, another colleague sitting opposite on the phone at the time didn’t react which I found hilarious.  The injury not quite so funny which I do have to mention every now and then!

What does it mean to you to be with the same company for 5 years?

That I have to stay another 5 years to obtain a Rolex, though not necessarily for my p45!  I feel quite lucky that I can be myself and that I can enjoy working with a young, friendly, usually happy forward thinking company!