6 Benefits Of Being A Recruitment Consultant With Approach Personnel

6 Benefits Of Being A Recruitment Consultant With Approach Personnel

1. Changing Lives

When you find a candidate the perfect job, you have a direct positive impact on the trajectory of their lives. Furthermore, the businesses who become your clients appreciate the positive effect of having new staff members who excel in their role. The right person in the right role not only improves their own lifestyle but the health and success of the company they work for.

You become the spark which causes life-changing events for people. If that isn't awesome, what is?

2. Becoming A Trusted Adviser

As you establish yourself as a recruitment consultant, your clients and candidates will often return to you for advice.

If you've placed a top-candidate into a role which benefits them and their career path, chances are when they do want to change job they will come back to you.

When it comes to your clients (the businesses you help to recruit for), you can develop your relationship and they will increasingly rely on you to find candidates for them.

3. Not Chained To A Desk

If you dread being chained to a desk, then you will enjoy the opportunity to pop out of the office to meet clients and candidates. Much of the work involves meeting people, so you don't spend long hours hunched over your computer.

4. Good Salary, Commission And Benefits

The role offers a good basic salary plus the opportunity to earn an uncapped monthly commission based on your performance.

At Approach Personnel, we have lots of benefits to take advantage of, such as a pension scheme and an annual performance bonus.

We also have fun 'extras' to enjoy like staff nights out, office beers, prosecco and pizza, dress-down Fridays, office sales events, and staff facilities including a pool table and a 60-inch Smart TV.

5. Structured Meritocratic Career Progression

Once you've settled in and developed your skills, you will discover excellent recruitment consultant career progression opportunities.  

In short, becoming a recruitment consultant can be a lucrative career with a clear career path to progress along.  Whether you want to be a big biller or progress to a management role, we have a clear progression path that you can work on, with training and feedback along the way to help you reach your goals. 

6. Challenging

Nothing is worse than being bored every day at work, right? When you're a recruitment consultant, no two days are the same, and you will find yourself challenged in different ways.

Working with people always brings challenges but if you are flexible, creative, and hard-working you can succeed as a recruitment consultant. Then, every day you can feel challenged and fulfilled.

Sounds Like The Job For You?

If you like what you hear and you think you have the skills and drive needed, why not get in touch with us at Approach Personnel. We may just have the perfect recruitment consultant role for you.