4 Top Construction CV Screening Tips

4 Top Construction CV Screening Tips

1. Know What You Want

The first important step of making your CV screening process easier, is to know what you want in an ideal candidate and then what to look for in a CV. Think about the right level of qualification, experience, and the type of person you're looking for. Think about your company or team culture so that you can identify candidates who will fit within this culture.  It sounds simple, but having a clear understanding of what the right candidate looks like beforehand will help you eliminate CVs that don't match your requirements.

2. Establish A Screening Process

The next step is to screen the CVs you have received. Scan through each CV quickly and separate every one that obviously doesn't meet your criteria. This will help you to avoid wasting any further time on unsuitable applicants.

When you have candidates that meet the general requirements you can then start looking at all the finer details such as their location, qualifications, year of experience and tenure in previous job roles.  For example, a candidate may have the skills and experience required to do the job well, but do they live too far away to reasonably commute?

Technology can help you to make the whole process quicker, as well as enabling you to collect and collate valuable information about each candidate.

3. Be As Ruthless As Necessary

It might be against your instincts, but you have to be as ruthless as possible through this process in order to avoid leaving yourself in the position of having fifty suitable candidates to interview for just one role. To do this you should think about making your criteria as discerning and exacting as possible, in order to ensure that only the most suitable CVs pass your screening.

4. Outsource To A Recruitment Agency

One of the most important CV screening tips you should consider is that a professional, specialist recruitment agency, such as Approach Personnel, can handle the whole process for you.  We can place adverts, headhunt, short list applicants, complete screening interviews, and handle compliance on your behalf.  This leaves you with a shortlist of carefully selected, suitable candidates that already meet your standards, allowing you a short interview process to find the right person. Using a specialist recruitment agency, like Approach Personnel, can make finding the perfect candidate easy.

To find out more on how to pick the best candidates out of a selection of CVs, pick up the phone today and speak to one of our sector specific recruitment consultants.