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4 Top Construction CV Screening Tips

When you're advertising a job in the construction industry, it is simply not possible to personally interview everyone who applies. This means that screening CVs is going to be an essential component of finding the right candidates to progress through to the first interview stage. Here are four tips for screening CVs that you can use to find the ideal candidates to interview.

23rd December 2020
How Has Construction Recruitment Been Affected By Covid-19

Although the worst of the COVID-19 outbreak seems to be behind us, the crisis is far from over. With case numbers increasing, government guidelines are changing frequently, and new restrictions are being rolled out across the regions with higher rates of infection. Many businesses are struggling to cope with this ongoing disruption, and the construction industry has been hit hard.

29th November 2020
A Guide To IR35 Changes by Approach Personnel

IR35 regulations – the complex tax legislation intended to prevent contractors working as ‘disguised employees’ – are changing, and unfortunately getting more confusing. From April 2021, responsibility for determining the tax status of a contractor will fall squarely on the shoulders of the client organisation. So how does the new IR35 work? And what does it mean for contractors and employing organisations?

14th November 2020